ESD Products

Disposable Heel Grounder – NS-DIS-30

This heel grounder helps protect static-susceptible electronics from damage by shunting hazardous static buildup to ground.

ESD Palm PU Coated Gloves NFLEX600 Series

ESD antistatic gloves are especially ideal for handling delicate and sensitive parts
and products, films, electronic instruments, circuit boards, and components.

Adjustable Fabric Wrist Strap NS-106 Series

This wrist band and coiled cord set feature 360-degree conductive contact
around the wrist to provide maximum skin contact. *Also available in Anti-allergy material

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat NS-2230 Series

With static dissipative and highly resilient anti-fatigue properties, N-STAT 220 Series
is a high-performance choice for static sensitive environments.

Static Shielding Bag – Metal-Out/Metal In

Metal-out static shielding bags are approved by major computer, electronics, and disk drive manufacturers for use worldwide.

Dual Wire Wrist Strap NS-104 Series

Meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI/ESD S-1.1, ANSI/ESD S-20.20,
EIA 625, MIL-STD-1686, and MIL-HDBK-263.

ESD Lab Coats and Lab Jackets NS-4700 Series

Our durable garments are comfort-tailored to fit both men and women, they feature three large pockets, a roomy unbelted back, and snap closures on the sleeves and front.