Circuit Board Recycling

Recycling waste in a conscientious manner is a top priority for businesses, when environmental regulations are put in place with concerns to our natural surroundings and health is at an all-time high.

In addition to other metal material waste, FCT Recovery accepts computer circuit boards for recycling. Unwanted circuit boards often have valuable precious metal parts incorporated into their technology that can be reused in the construction of new devices. Businesses upgrading their computer equipment should be aware that their outdated systems may be a hidden gold mine before disposing of them.

FCT Recovery compensates businesses looking to recycle old metals by net weight and using the London Metal Exchange. Not only will you be compensated monetarily, FCT Recovery helps you get rid of hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Some examples of circuit board scrap parts we can accept include: integrated circuits, reusable circuits, plugs, and edge connectors. The metals in these electronics can be refined and redistributed, reducing mining and aiding conservation efforts.

At FCT Recovery, we can help you dispose of your waste at no cost to your business. After contacting us for a quote, we will schedule a pickup and collection at your facility for free. Not only do we provide this service for free, we will also pay you for precious metals recovered from your waste, and present you with a certificate of recycling to show that your waste was removed in a safe, sustainable manner.

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