Solder Dross and Electronics Recycling

What do you do with your waste?

Electronics assembly produces waste. And this waste must be managed properly. At FCT Recovery, we help you get rid of your dross and waste in an environmentally responsible way and we pay you for it.

For all pickups we provide a certificate of recycling to show that your waste was recycled in a safe, sustainable fashion.



Why Use FCT Recovery?

We pick up any amount.

We pay within 30 days.

We pay on net weight, not recovered weight.

Our process is simple.

First, call and talk to our sales reps. They’ll help you understand what your dross is worth and set a time for pickup. At this point, we’ll give you an estimate on the value of your waste.

Next, we’ll send you a shipping label for your container.

We’ll then arrange for a carrier to pickup the dross at your facility.

We send you a check within 30 days of pickup and an annual certificate of recycling.

Recovery Services Include

Solder Dross

  • 63/37 Dross
  • SN100C Dross
  • SAC305 Dross
  • Solder Paste

Electronic Scrap

  • Gold Trace Boards
  • Populated Circuit Boards
  • Green Boards
  • Silver Film
  • Copper Laminate
  • Aluminum
  • Lead Clippings
  • Copper Wire

Request a Quote

Our simple and transparent process makes it easier than ever to turn your recyclables into cash. Take advantage of our service and request a quote today. Request a Quote.

Request Packaging

FCT Recovery is happy to provide pails to you at no charge. To request pails simply click the link to contact your local representative. Request Packaging.


Our Process

Call to get a quote.

We’ll schedule a pickup at your facility.

We pick up your recycling for FREE.

We send you a check for the full amount within 30 days.