E-Waste Collection and Pickup

Electronics live out their usefulness much faster than in the past. When this happens, they are deemed “e-waste” and need to be disposed of in some way.  Issues arise in how to properly get rid of such items since electronics and the metals used to assemble them often contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury that are hazardous to people, animals, their health and the environment. Not all electronics are as hazardous as others, however it does depend on their condition. These issues lead many communities to enact and enforce regulations to prevent the disposal of e-waste in the same manner as regular trash. If your business has e-waste that cannot be traded in or donated for whatever reason, FCT Recovery can help.
We specialize in recycling solder dross, the layer of metal that forms impurities on surfaces from soldering metal together. In addition to dross, FCT Recovery accepts solder paste, solder wire, and solder paste waste. We can also remove most other electronic scrap you may have for recycling including lead clippings, aluminum, copper wire, and circuit boards.
All you need to do is call us at (970) 218-2571 for a quote. We will then schedule an e-waste pickup and collection at your facility for free, and pay you for any recoverable metal. The rate of pay is based on the London Metal Exchange and can fluctuate daily. Afterwards, your business will be provided with a certificate of recycling to show that your waste was recycled in a safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible way.
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